About Mr. Chow

   Mr. Kevin Chow was born in New York City and moved to California when he was 4. His grandmother had just been killed in an accident, and his father was so deeply traumatized that he felt he had to move out west to the only family he was close to - his sister (Mr. Chow's aunt). It was difficult growing up without any relatives other than an aunt, and Mr. Chow's parents often didn't have much time to spend with him. 
   On the bright side, though, Mr. Chow wound up reading a lot for fun - all sorts of books. He most particularly liked fantasy and science fiction; even today, he much prefers these genres. Ironically, however, in spite of all that reading, Mr. Chow didn't do so well in school. Most of his grades were C's and sporadic B's; in high school, Mr. Chow did horribly in math classes like Algebra and Trigonometry. 
   As a result, Mr. Chow wound up in community college, having had to rather abruptly move out at 17. At times, he would work 6 hours, go to another job for 2, then school for 8. And since he'd hung out with the wrong friends as well as made poor decisions in high school and the first two years of college, it took him a lot longer to get back on his feet. But it wasn't all bad! Once again, there's a bright side to things - all of those experiences taught him a lot about life, made him really appreciate good friends, and gave him a lifelong desire to make a difference. Even a small, bagel-shaped one. 

Curriculum Vitae:
  1. Graduated rank 253rd from Alhambra High School with a GPA of 1.8 1997
  2. Failed Algebra in HS three times while getting As/Bs in English H and AP. Scored 4/5 on English AP exam
  3. Completed Associate's Degree from East Los Angeles College 2001
  4. Completed Bachelor of Arts, English, from California State University, Los Angeles, with Honors 2003
  5. Completed Professional Clear Teaching Credential, LAUSD Intern Program, 2007
  6. Passed SLLA 1010 Exam for School Administrators, 178/180, 2010. Top 5%
  7. Currently completing Master of Arts in Learning Technologies, Pepperdine University, Malibu 2011
Taught at:
  1. East Los Angeles College, ESL Facilitator
  2. California State University, Writing Center Facilitator
  3. Los Angeles High School, English teacher
    1. Specialist, Developing Readers and Writers (Language!, Read 180), 2004-2009
    2. SLC Lead, 2006-2009
    3. Interim Dean of Student Safety, 2005-2009
  4. Venice High School, English teacher
    1. Credit Recovery Specialist, Response to Intervention
  1. Cooking, Baking (Bagels!)
  2. Working out (coached weights at Los Angeles High School, hopefully JK Living at VHS)
  3. Martial arts of all sorts (don't ask me to teach anything because honestly I'm pretty bad at it)
  4. Video Games ('Undue" on Xbox Live)
  5. Computers (unofficial sponsor of Venice High Tech Club, Lunch M-Thu)
  6. Collecting World War II stuff, coins
  7. Learning about how things work.
  8. Survival training
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