Honors Physical Science

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Honors Physical Science, 2003320
Instructor: Mr. Case
Room: 48-004
488-6726 ext.65630

Course Objective: The course is designed to provide the student with hands on study of the introductory concepts of physics and chemistry through the study of actual technical applications.

Course Requirements: (1) Successful performance on written evaluations, i.e., quizzes, tests, and examinations. (2) Application of correct laboratory procedures. (3) Give proper attention to classroom activities by listening to and participating in class discussions. (4) Complete homework/classwork by due date in a satisfactory manner. (5) Any missed work due to absence must be made up in a reasonable timely manner and can not be made up during normal classtime. Arrangements must be made with the teacher immediately upon return of absence. (6) Strict adherence to laboratory rules. (7) Additional assistance provided per request.

Grading System: Grades will be computed by dividing the total number of points recorded on grade report sheets turned in by the student by the total number of weighted points possible for that grading period. Homework/Laboratory/Classwork = 30%, Tests = 50%, Employability Skills = 20%.  Grading scale will adhere to county policy as outlined in the student handbook.

Homework: There will always be some area of science that needs to be studied more thoroughly if no specific assignment is made.  It is recommended that science be studied on the student’s own time each day.  All work must be done in pencil and on time!  If you miss class it is your responsibility to see me and make up any and all missed work.  Homework will count as 2 points per day and will be checked for completeness, if the assignment is not completed then the assignment may be turned in the next day of class for 1 point.  Any other unexcused late work will lose half the possible points per day it is late until all points are extinguished.

Student Materials: text book, TI graphing calculator or scientific calculator, USB flash drive, paper, pencil, a folder for your work, any work due, and yourself.

Attendance: School Board policy as outlined in the VHS Student Handbook will be followed.

Class Behavior: Respect for other students, the teacher, and laboratory materials is expected from all students.  Failure to comply with the classroom or laboratory rules may result in removal from the laboratory or classroom area.