Research Overview

I am interested in the ecology, physiology, and behavior of vertebrates (particularly amphibians). My students and I ask questions related to the above topics using host-parasite interactions.

I typically use amphibians and Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) as a research system. Bd is a pathogenic fungus that causes the disease Chytridiomycosis. This is an emerging infectious disease of amphibians and is one of the factors causing worldwide declines in amphibian populations over the past three decades.

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September 2017: Collaborative work with the Takahashi Lab using eDNA to detect seasonal patterns of hellbenders, a cryptic aquatic salamander, was published in the Journal of Wildlife Management.

January 2017: Collaborative work with the Rohr Lab on thermal mismatch and amphibian susceptibility to Bd is published in Ecology Letters (and we got the cover also!).

October 2016: Our CORT x Bd paper coauthored by Julie Murone ('16, Bio) and Joe DeMarchi ('16, Bio) has been published. Check it out!

Contact Information

Matthew D. Venesky, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor,

Department of Biology,

Allegheny College

Phone: 814-332-2195

Office: Steffe Hall, C.202

Lab: Steffe Hall, B.201A