A Low-Cost Wind Turbine for Rural Electrification


The Venecia Open Source Renewable Energy Center is a multi-disciplinary research organization with the goal of collaborating to develop, build and publish renewable energy technologies to aid and empower developing countries throughout the world.
Being Located in a remote, non-electrified, village in rural Nicaragua allows us to experience the environment and conditions of where this technology is needed most.  

Project Details

Location:  Venecia Renewable Energy Center located in a remote village of Venecia, Chinandega,  Nicaragua.

Time-line: October - December 2010. The project objective was to build a turbine using low-cost, highly available materials
Objective: Design and build a wind turbine for rural electrification in Central America utilizing highly available, low cost, building materials and practical manufacturing techniques
Author: Kyle Bassett M.A.Sc, B.A.Sc Mech Eng
Contributors: Kyle Bassett (Turbine design, fabrication), Lucas Semple (Tower design, fabrication), Ramon Romero Reyes (Fabrication, local expertise)

Lets get started...Tools and Materials

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