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Guitar Center is happy to announce we will again be hosting our Vendor Day and Musician's Expo from March 26 through the 29th in Long Beach, CA. 

Vendor Day
Guitar Center Vendor Day is a unique opportunity to spread your brands message. Focused on bringing together the Guitar Center Store, District, and Regional Managers with the vendor and manufacturing community, there's no more effective way to train sales leaders from over 255 stores in one location. 

These 300+ sales leaders will return to their stores within 48 hours imparting what they learned to more than 6,500 sales associates across the country. 

Even better this year, Vendor Day will span two full days of training and interaction. We hope this extended time will give you the ability to dive deep into details of your product and brands. 

Vendor Dinner and Awards Banquet
New this year, we have an exciting event planned specifically to celebrate our vendor partners, The Vendor Dinner and Awards Banquet. The Vendor Dinner will take place on Thursday night, March 27th. Mike Pratt, John Bagan, and others from our Executive Team will have presentations and updates on the business. Also at the dinner, we will present the 2013 Vendor Awards. 

Musician's Expo
Wrapping up the event this year is the Musician's Expo. A full day to share your presentations and interact directly with our passionate customers from the Southern California region. With arguably the most dense population of musician's, Southern California is the perfect location to bring together the Vendor, Retailer, and Customer to share ideas and inspiration. The Musician's Expo is the perfect way to cap an exciting week of training and relationship building. 

Registering to Attend
To register your company to attend, click the "Booth Registration" in the upper left corner of the page, fill out the form, and contact your category merchant to discuss details of the event. 

We look forward to seeing you in Long Beach!

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