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No Limits Network Today App and Holistic Sport App

posted Jan 30, 2017, 4:25 PM by Hart Johnson   [ updated May 27, 2017, 9:53 AM by No Limits 2 World ]

The creators of the NoLimitsNetworkToday app believe that mobile technology and business networking have the power to bring business people, inventors, and entrepreneurs together in real life – not just across their screens. The app enables users to find and meet the right Network Partners around the World, who share their interests and want to join new Ventures. NoLimitsNetworkToday is available when we launch our New Website with all features and newest technologies from 2017. "The app will quickly gathered a large audience with thousands of users," says the IT and Communication Director.

"With NoLimitsNetworkToday, you're going to see real passionate entrepreneurs who are willing to meet and invest up right now in new Concept Ventures," explained Dr. Barbara "Bobbi" Urasch Bos. "The app introduces a powerful communication experience regardless of your current location. In addition, it is fast and easy to use and is a great way to find interesting Projects.

We are sure that all users become able to spark meaningful and profitable connections that last a lifetime." added Dr. Urasch Bos. Currently, NoLimitsNetworkToday's founders are focusing their marketing efforts on the US and the South American, both hotbeds of leading-edge app development. In the near future, they plan to expand their horizons to include Central and South America, where business networking and youth culture are decidedly on the rise. Venatol Concept Corporation also has innovative new products in the works that will firm up the company's position as a pioneer in the mobile business Network Venture World.

"Mobile and Internet technologies continue to make the world a smaller, more intimate place. "We believe that NoLimitsNetworkToday can be an important tool for anyone who wants to be a worldwide connected Entrepreneur to forge real Ventures to Invest in connections, find partners and create strong, dynamic social networks as well."