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No Limits integrated Opportunity, Strategy, Action and the future is mobile. Mobile apps are going to be the main channel for No Limits to merge Information’s, Inventors and Innovations around the world 

Las Vegas Nevada August,17, 2017,

In the recent press meeting VENATOL announced the No Limits services which plays a significant role to guarantee the high return of investment. Poor performance is costing High Schools, Universities, Companies and Countries around the world up to 20 per cent in loss of productivity, either due to malnutrition that plagues some one billion people in developing countries or the excess weight and obesity afflicting an equal number mostly in industrialized economies. Spending in VENATOL No Limits Concepts initiatives reaching a return on investment of $3.6 up to $7, for every $1 savings in medical expenses, for lifestyle-related diagnoses and with this platform we have the base for elite Students and Athletes and future employees in all related fields. 

Today in Las Vegas No Limits presents the importance of new technologies. As with many past strategies, money talks. “We are very excited about the interest that has been shown by supporting companies about our programs,” commented Dr. Peter Spitz, Chairperson VENATOL No Limits.

However, health education and elite athlete’s is not the whole story. "The VENATOL No Limits Concept will be a strategic approach for the future of our Children’s Life probability. As part of its overall sustainability program with a multiyear plan and multilevel commitment to obtain the full benefits” said Dr. Barbara Urasch Speaker & Chairperson for VENATOL No Limits.

Mark Sommer CEO VENATOL No Limits. “They are true Ambassadors of the No Limits Concepts “he added. Additional he explained what will be newly included in the No Limits Concept. Mr. Sommer with 25 years of experience in the IT Communication Research and Development field presents the No Limits multi-platform concept. Yet, desktop still accounts for most e-commerce transactions due to usability issues on mobile. Clearly, everyone is ready for sticky mobile solutions that work and there is an immense opportunity for innovation and improvement in the mobile space.

So, what should No Limits Concepts do? Mobile apps must be useful, usable and best-in-class to succeed. A multi-platform strategy is critical for alignment with customer expectations. Our customers share of app users has grown from 28 percent to 40 percent in the last year, and is now the highest of all channels. Therefore, for No Limits to become more customer-centric is essential. To invest more resources and efforts into smartphone App’s. The future is mobile. Smartphone apps are going to be the main channel to browse, buy and sell because they can leverage the power of communities, and engage users better than any other channel out there. All in all, user success is mobile success.

How important are apps in everyday life? More important than eating and drinking? As important as sunlight or spending time with family?

According to the results of Application Intelligence Report (AIR), work and personal apps are so integral to daily life that many in the global workforce believe it is impossible and physically uncomfortable to live without them. Key vendors over the next five years, according to the report, will be Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter: added Mark Sommer in his presentation.

In my experience, there are three types of decision makers: thinkers, feelers, and deferrers. Thinkers value facts and figures and are data driven. A lot of marketing directors are thinkers because they must be shown return-on-investment. Feelers are driven by their emotions. They don't want to see charts and graphs, they want to hear the stories. Deferrers are moved by the opinions and the actions of others. They seek out the approval of those they know and admire.

We hope that NO LIMITS CONCEPTS attract all types of Investors, Supporters and Sponsors for a future without LIMITS!

Venatol No Limits World Award Unique Campaign With Huge ROI

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Venatol No Limits World Award Unique Campaign With Huge ROI

Have you been most recently to any Award-Winning-Ceremony? Don't they always run the very same procedure: You are invited to participate, spend a lot of money? You arrive at some Hot-Spot-Location and wait for the start of the more-the-less entertaining show. Politicians, Society-Runners and Businessman, they all try to shake your hand, and there is no space to escape. Finally, you arrive at your seat. Hours later you clap your hands after a far too long introduction for all the winners.

What a relief,

Dinner is served, the evening over and you are lucky if there is no queue in front up the wardrobe.

And what about all the upcoming promised Business deals? The PR, the Network, the money?

Gone Well . . .

 Isn't it time for a change?

This is why the Venatol Concept Corporation launches it first NO LIMIT AWARD back in 1997 in Austria. Supporters, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Inventors and all their Inventions will meet at one place. We provide the unique communication platform at our „Red-Carpet-Events“ in USA, Dubai, Vienna, Miami and Rio de Janeiro. We unite personalities from Politics, Sports, Lifestyle and Business matters in an open forum as we have already proven with our Global Summits or Global Network Clubs. No disappointments, no regrets – just Entertainment with true Business, and gentle Networking, of course.
„We're not only proud of launching our NO LIMIT AWARD in the business world, but also convinced that Venatol and the Investment Model True Holistic is able to unify different forces on one primary target – success“, explains Venatol Concepts – Founder Dr. Barbara Urasch the major key factors of this Initiative. „We provide the stage, we offer true support and we supply new realistic Concepts for new Markets and Environment Technologies.“

Venatol, the authority in Environment and Energy matters is known for its products in Asia and the UAE since 2009 with presenting the „Energy World Award” in Dubai. Past prize winners and supporting organisations include former United Nations Director General Kofi Anan, former Russian leader Michael Gorbachev, UNO, UNESCO, the European Parliament; Ryan Davis American NFL Football Player with the Jacksonville Jaguars and now with the Dallas Cowboys; Vince Carter NBA Basketball Legend and his Mother  Michelle Carter a real loving, supporting mother and Entrepreneur in Florida and many more.

The tremendous success and the replies by our Business partners proved our position as the key player in Gala, Golf and extreme Events with a purpose.

Now, the time has come to support Investors around the Globe with our different, but unique approach for Business, Sport, Youth, IT, Traffic, Architecture and Environmental solutions.


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