Investments, Knowledge and Passion are the foundations of Innovation

We are a seasoned team with experience in successfully guiding Investors to mentoring special talents to reach their full potential thru Sponsorship. Or inspire Investors to change the way to build world unique State of the Art facilities around the World. Blue Chip Investment is also about founders helping founders to succeed and to make a difference. We have passion for ideas and create concepts to attract Investors with a very profitable ROI . Our business knowledge, leadership capabilities, experience in customer-orientated labor and our communication skills are helping the IDEA to become a worldwide BRAND with NO LIMITS.

BLUE CHIP SPORT SPONSORSHIP is unique in bringing great talents in all field together with visionary entrepreneurs. 

we are business operators - not financial engineers. Our core values include integrity, ownership, constant improvement and playing as a team.

THE BLUE CHIP DIFFERENCE, we are free from unrealistic expectations, but we believe in Successful ventures.

Our flexibility and our Corporation help to keep our 1 to 2 page term sheets simple and strategic. From the onset, we make sure that our purposes are properly aligned and we have the patience for creating long–term success and partnerships.