PSI  Success Story
PSI was born from the belief that you shouldn’t have to choose between different options to get the best what you looking for your Goals in Sport, Health, Nutrition, fitting and Products . We strive to give you the knowledge and teach you nutrition to help you be better on your own terms—one small change at a time. And we’re rooting for you, every step along the way.

Who We Are:

It takes a cup of vision, a scoop of determination, a pound of curiosity, an ounce of innovation, and a dash of serendipity to create a Holistic Approach for Athletes and people with the desire to live healthy.  One small step at a time. Empowering the world to thrive might sound a little bombastic as a vision, but isn’t one we take lightly everything. No Limits or PSI does as a brand is sincerely driven by our mission.

The world of fascinating new ideas begins only when thinking departs from traditional paths. That is the world of PSI Performance Science Innovations.


McLaren drivers are elite athletes and like race team, No Limits PSI introduce holistic programs of new innovative developments, health and wellbeing, fitness and mental energy to all Athletes in all Sports.

Performance monitoring is continuous and outcomes quantified to ensure maximum return on investment for training, development and competition.