Welcome, we would like to share our story with you. Our adventure took us to Finland, where we crossed the country. Not in any ordinary way though! No, we did it by velomobile. By what? By velomobile:

(Picture by Pieter Delieu)

Still curious? Then you are more than welcome to continue reading and hopefully one day you too will take a step into this wonderful way of transportation.

How it all started

As starting recumbent riders we had some vague plans to cycle through Belgium and the Netherlands. With a route that is (relatively) flat and with very nice bicycle roads in the Netherlands, that looked like a sportive but still somewhat relaxed holiday. When we were looking to buy our recumbent bicycles, we always fancied these velomobiles but never thought that they would fit within our budget and/or garden shed :o), so they were never really a serious option.

While actively reading various recumbent forums on the internet, we saw this request appearing for a "free" velomobile holiday in Finland! An offer we could not refuse, so it took less than 5 minutes to react. After some e-mail conversations with Velocraft.fi we soon knew that we had to start planning the trip and start training :o). In our "Captain's Log" you can find a full description of our adventure.

Let the Quest begin

Driven by enthusiasm, we started planning our route and reading more and more about velomobiles. As we became more fascinated by this phenomena, we stumbled upon a Quest that was for sale in the Netherlands. Okay, it is seven years old but with six years sleeping under a cloth and only 1100km of close encounters with the dutch cycling roads. In short, again an opportunity that we just could not let go.

With a pen and piece of paper (the old fashioned way) we did some calculations ... and threw them away because life is too short and you should be making fun :o). So we decided to go for it and see if cycling all year round is feasible  As the market for velomobiles is quite stable, selling the velomobile again should be no problem, making it a very limited risk. But, when one of us could commute all year round with a velomobile and get a financial compensation for each kilometer, we might be able to get rid of one money consuming car. 

To make a long story a bit shorter; we bought the Quest! Leen is now the happy owner. Since then, the second car is sadly watching when Leen is passing with the yellow banana :o)