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Velocità Ascensionale Media (VAM)

VAM is the abbreviation for the Italian term velocità ascensionale media, translated in English to mean "average ascent speed" or "mean ascent velocity", but usually referred to as VAM. The term, which was coined by Italian physician andcycling coach Michele Ferrari, is the speed of elevation gain.

VAM is calculated the following way:

VAM = (metres ascended x 60) / Minutes it took to ascend

Velo Hero calculates VAM slightly differently:

VAM = (metres ascended x 60) / Total duration

Velo Hero unfortunately does not have the duration of the ascend, so the total duration is taken. This is of course not the "real" VAM but also offers a good guideline.

  • 1800+: Lance Armstrong during the EPO era.
  • 1650-1800: Top 10 / Tour de France GC or mountain stage winner.
  • 1450-1650: Top 20 / Tour de France GC; top 20 on tough mountain stage.
  • 1300-1450: Finishing Tour de France mountain stages in peloton
  • 1100-1300: The Autobus Crew