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Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

Your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is the maximum average power that you can hold for one continuous hour. There is no formal model or protocol for establishing it, most people use rules of thumb like FTP is 95% of 20 minute power, or they use the best power from a 40km TT. For example, if you were to ride a 40k time trial in 60 minutes at an average power of 270W, your FTP would be 270W.

FTP = 20 min. peak power * 0.95

FTP is the keystone to training with power. It allows Velo Hero to determine how hard a ride is for you. You doing 280W might feel much different than someone less trained doing 280W and FTP allows us to gauge just how hard segments, rides, and even weeks or months of training were for you!

You can enter your FTP under "Body measurements": - aware period! Tip: Save your first FTP entry far in the past.

Automatic Threshold Calculation (FTP)

In order to make it a little easier, there is an automatic threshold detection. The function you can activate in the settings (as default on):

Workouts with more than 20 minutes power are considered for the calculation.