'The Hope House' is a registered public charitable trust in Vellore, Tamilnadu, India, working with and among the vulnerable children to provide care and protection.  Currently we have three different projects namely 1. Integrated Children's Home for Girls, 2. Community Outreach Program (COP), and 3. The Higher Education Assistance Program (TEAP)

Our Vision Statement:  Nurturing children to become successful and responsible citizens.

Our Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide care and protection to the needy children by giving access to education, enabling participation and empowering them with information about their rights and responsibilities

   Name of the Project  Description of the Project


Integrated Children's
Home for Girls 
Takes care of vulnerable girls by providing them with everything (food, clothes, education, medical care, entertainment, and for 11 months in a year.  Although most of the children may fit into the definition of an 'Orphan' or 'Semi-Orphan' they do have extended families of some sort.  From the time of their admission, child's family ties are maintained and they are strongly encouraged to participate in the holistic development of the child.  Currently we care for 21 girl children.

We also have children that are referred by "Child Welfare Committee" (CWC) of Vellore district that have no one.  For such children, Hope House will be there for as long as they need us.  [Want to support a child?]    
Community Outreach
Program (COP)
Community Outreach Program (COP) is structured on the model of "Sponsorship" scheme of Juvenile Justice Act.  We provide the vulnerable and needy families (family affected with HIV and disabilities) with nutritional supplies to the tune of Rs. 500/- each month.  Currently we care for 25 families.  [Want to support a family?]
The Higher Education Assistance Program
'The Higher Education Assistance program' (TEAP) is a financial assistance program to help the needy youngsters who have completed high school (10+2 level education) and desiring to pursue higher education beyond.  Currently we cater to 10 students.  Students are in courses ranging from fine arts to engineering to nursing.  They are required to pass each year's exams successfully to receive help continuously.  [Want to support a youngster?]        
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