Needs List

This is the list of needs we have at the Hope House and you can choose to support any item of your choice.  Once we meet the need with your support, we'll send you a feedback report.

 Need Need was met by Need was met on
 1. A commercial grade idly cooker to make 100 idli's X 1 Illuminate India, USA 16th July, 2013
 2. Large size gas stove cooking burners X 2 Illuminate India, USA 16th July, 2013
 3. Child Friendly movie DVD's (preferably in Tamil or in English or any other language that can transcend the language barrier)  
 4. Biographies in Tamil (You can order from an online retail store such as to our physical address that is available on )  
 5. Extra large size country maps of your choice (to teach geography).  
 6. Short story books in English  
 7. Board games such as Chess Board and/ or Chinese Checker Board  
 8. Tea Dispenser (Thermal Flask) and 20 stainless steel tea cups. Illuminate India, USA 16th July, 2013
  New Building Needs  
 1. Window curtains & curtain rods  
 2. Flag pole and a large size Indian flag  
 3. Guest waiting area furniture  
 4. School grade electrical ringing bell  
 5 16 ceiling fans and 25 CFL bulbs  
 6.  Stainless steel plate and tumbler rack (for 20 plates)  
 7. Large size door mat (1)  
 8. Wall clocks (9)  
 9. Cork notice board (1)  
 10. Lockers (20)