How to donate

GiveIndia is a premiere fundraising platform of India that helps credible NGO's to raise funds using their secure web infrastructure. This page is to help you understand how donating on GiveIndia web page works like. GiveIndia does a thorough checking of NGO's for credibility before listing as Tier I NGO's on their site. There are more than three million (thirty lakhs) NGO's operating in India but only little more than 200 NGO's are listed as Tier I NGO's and we are proud to say that the Hope House is one among them.

When you click on the link that GiveIndia created for the Hope House, you'll open a page like below

You must create a login account by registering (on the left of the page where the red arrow is showing) so that GiveIndia knows who is giving. Once you do the registration and login, go to the bottom of the page and convert the page to the country page of your choice (it is available for India, US and UK only for now).

Right side of the panel gives three donation options to choose from by clicking on "Donate" option which is in green in color. Once you choose the donation option, it is quite self explanatory as to make the payment by Cheque/ Credit Card/ Netbanking.

If you ever like to know more about the Hope House, just above the donation options, there are links to more information about the Hope House. If you have any questions about donating on GiveIndia page, write to us at or call us at 9629471920.