Donation Options

Thank you for your willingness to support us.  This page is to help you to narrow down your selection as to decide what part of our operations that you like to support.  We have four donation options and we use GiveIndia fund raising platform to make your donation giving experience simpler and easier.  You need to be registered to donate on GiveIndia site.  When you make a donation online, you receive an instant digital tax deductible receipt (for India, US and UK donors), and in two months you would receive a feedback report for the funds that you have donated.

  • Support the monthly food expenses of an under privileged girl staying at our Home (Rs. 800/-):  This donation option support a child's food expenses at our children's home and this is for Rs. 800/- per month.  We need 20 donations every month.  [Click here to donate]

  • Sponsor one month rations for a family affected by HIV / severe disability (Rs. 500/-): This donation option support a family that is affected either by HIV or by severe disability.  Since we do not want to promote institutionalization of children, we extend support to families that they are willing to remain in their communities yet requiring our help.  Currently we support 20 families per month and this donation option is set at Rs. 500/- per month.  [Click here to donate]

  • Corpus Fund (Rs. 250/-): This donation option is created to support disadvantaged students that are pursuing higher education beyond 10+2 level of basic education.  This fund is set at Rs. 250/- per unit but you can donate as many or as few units as you like.  Beauty of this donation option is that we never utilize the principal amount but only 75% of interest that this amount generates in a bank each year and the remaining 25% is reinvested into the amount that you have donated.  That means, each year, this amount grows while supporting needy students.  [Click here to donate]

  • General Fund (Rs. 250/-):  This donation option is created to support children's needs in our children's home that are beyond the donation options that are stated above.  For example, children's medical expenses, stationary, educational tours and private tutoring etc.  This donation option is set at Rs. 250/- per unit but you can donate as many or as few units as you like. [Click here to donate]