Did Paul Advocate Veiling And Blotting Out Or Longer Hair And Glory?

Apostle Paul in 1 Cor 11:1-16 emphatically spoke of shearing, shaving, long hair, appropriate covering of heads, and of related shame, dishonor, comeliness, and glory. Was Paul thereby advocating glory and comeliness, or quite oppositely advocating dismal veiling, blotting out, and the crushing of beauty?

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The writer encountered many many

MIRACULOUS INCIDENTS which helped teach and encourage him as he carefully researched the subject.

Although we certainly should not blindly follow signs and wonders, they certainly should not be taken lightly as God often uses them to confirm the Word and teach us.

The writer encountered MUCH


as he sought for truth on many subjects. The document at this link shares my efforts to be reconciled with loved ones

For many

long years I shed many tears, because that which is right seems got lost in the night.

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Paul speaking of APPROPRIATE COVERING spoke as though what he was talking about was MUCH MORE than a trivial and optional custom. He speaking of appropriate covering, and the related shame and glory used emphatic terms such as "doth not nature teach you" and "judge in yourselves", and speaking of contrary customs or manners which contentious ones might argue said we nor any of the churches of God have any such custom. People certainly can have faulty customs and here Paul used the word custom to identify such rather than to portray his teaching as a trivial or optional custom! Even further, according to the Greek Bible, Paul concluded his teaching not only declaring that longer hair is a glory to women, but also saying it is given INSTEAD of a veil. Thus it is quite possible that Paul together with promoting appropriate hair and glory was also rebuking oppressive heathen veiling customs as appear were about Corinth at that time. This is further spoken of latter.

Bricks of

truth which

could built our path to life, when rejected and trampled instead build a wall forever obscuring truth from our eyes.

The best

way to escape

past errors is to gladly admit them. The best way to to remain in error is to refuse to admit we were.


Oh Take us, Shake us, Awake us, Break us, Remake us, and don't Forsake us! Eternal Life we Stake & must Take!

This is a page much like the above with some vital additions.

Big religious

lies often are hidden behind big religious words. If it can't be explained with simple words it likely is not true.

Too many because of believing they and their religion could not have been so wrong continue to be unbelievably wrong.

It not without reason has been said that it is easier to fool people than to convince people they have been fooled, and thus far too many remain fooled.

Please pray

with me that TRUTH regarding this subject, and many others, can be clearly revealed to us.

The writer, being raised in a society where strict veiling customs were taught, for some reason experienced many miraculous incidents which helped to teach and encourage him as he researched this subject. Yes, the religious confusion on this subject often brought tears to me. Although clarity of truth and explanation is vital, nevertheless changing a person's mind often takes more than such and is a matter of God first touching and changing the heart. May God touch and change our hearts as needed, giving us a greater desire to learn truth than to prove we have always had it! Religious confusion as surrounds this subject, certainly surrounds many other subjects as well, and may God also deliver us from it. Please share this site with others you feel would benefit from it!









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Below is a list of several unique incidents which I personally experienced which I believe show God's great concern with the subject and which encouraged and taught me in my research of various aspects of veiling.

Very unique tears in both my Bible and wife’s Bible, which are like bites taken out of the Scripture and unlike any others in any of our Bibles, at two most critical teachings about veiling.

A unique flame of fire seen for 40 mile radius occuring on my 50th Birthday and occurring immediately after and event in the day when the flame had a real message.

A buck deer appearing in our lawn at a very special time in my ponderings and decisions regarding feminine veiling and beauty painfully running on it’s knees with both of its lower legs broken and dragging behind, which sight emphatically showed me the pains demoralizing unveiled beauty has had on

Two historical meteorites striking and almost striking the earth exactly at the time when I shared documents on the veiling subject which I felt should shake the earth.

A Humpback Whale being released from a dreadful net on Valentines day (the special day celebrating beauty and romance) and therewith giving a phenomenal show of delight. Interestingly this occured only 4 days after the flame of fire on my birthday.

And many many more incidents (with a message) which are not as drastic and harder to explain could be given.

These links share some of the above incidents and others. www.HeavensFingerPrints.com https://youtu.be/0awBACYYaZU

For many long years I shed many tears,

because that which is right seems got lost in the night.

And regarding numerous subjects.

Below are given some vital issues which passionate and sincere seekers should be able to agree on regarding Paul's teaching about the appropriate covering of heads. Although possibly a bit straining to some, first of all such seekers should be able to agree that Paul spoke of being shaven or shorn as shameful, and of long hair being a glory to women, and agree that thus hair in some way does make a big difference. Agreed? May God help us not to fear simple and obvious truths but to learn from their combined message what we ought. Further honest seekers should both know and agree that the following text is exactly what Paul said (KJV). “But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven." Yes lacking the covering Paul here was talking about is all one (or at least much one) with being shaven. Therewith honest and intelligent seekers should readily comprehend that the absence of a veil and resulting presence of long hair which Paul counted glorious, is quite different than being shaved which he counted shameful. Agreed? Yes, if Paul indeed was speaking of veiling, he basically declared disclosing long hair which he declared a glory, to be all one with shaving which he declared a shame. Yes sometimes because of previous concepts or training obvious truths are overlooked and a close look at things may surprise us. Yes, and further honest and intelligent seekers should be able to readily comprehend that lacking a hair covering (too short of hair) is much more one with the shame of being shaven than the absence of a veil and disclosing longer hair which Paul counted a glory (actually the latter is the opposite). Still agreed? Yes, and finally honest and intelligent seekers certainly should be able to agree that all the above perfectly aligns with Paul’s blunt and clear conclusion of his covering teaching which reads, "But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering." (1 Corinthians 11:15). Are we still agreed? And as a further clarification on the ALL ONE issue, Paul with good reason rebuking COVETING might have declared it ALL ONE with STEALING, because STEALING closely relates to and finalizes COVETING largely like SHAVING closely relates to and finalizes LACKING AN APPROPRIATE HAIR COVERING. Still agreed? Many more Scriptural things could be given to confirm these issues as well as miraculous incidents and can be found at and through www.VeilOrHair.com.

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