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Vehicular Ad hoc Networks is still a budding idea though considerable advancements have been made. The complexity of designing the routing protocols while keeping the multi-hop delay in mind is challenging.  Apart from the delay problem, there are various other problems that are noteworthy such as, dynamic traffic conditions, presence of obstacles such as buildings that block the radio signals.

In order to design a comprehensive system which can be implemented in the real world, a fool proof simulation is of absolute importance. Hence, various simulation tools have been developed to implement the idea of vanets.From my personal experience, I have observed that there is no comprehensive simulation software for vanets as such, but the idea of vanets can be implemented by utilizing the combination of traffic simulators and network simulators.

The popular softwares that are currently in use are Network Simulator ( NS2) , OMNET ++, NCTUns, VanetMobiSim, SUMO, MOVE, TraNS and many more. They are open source softwares that can be downloaded without any charge. There are commercial softwares like OPNET and QUALNET and ESTINET 7.0.

Download links for some of the softwares are given below: