"On 2-23-12 I attended a MAVTI/ ATPA sponsored training session for Investigation & Identification of Stolen Heavy Equipment-ATVs-Snowmobiles, instructed by D/Sgt Kyle McPhee.  One of the Troopers at my post had recovered two four wheelers in August 2011.  The VINS were ran and no owner was ever located.  After taking the above class, I was able to use several investigative techniques learned in the class, and on 2-29-2012 I was able to confirm the two four wheelers were stolen out of Indiana. If it had not been for this information, the four wheelers would have been sold and the owner would still be out their ATVs.  Great Class."
D/Sgt Gochanour- MSP Jackson Post, Jonesville Detachment

"Great presentation, great material.  Will be very helpful in ATV and snowmobile enforcement.  Instructor is motivated and willing to help out in the future."
MI DNR Conservation Officer (Officer Name withheld by request)

"Very informative, it is hard to not be too technical on a course like this, but McPhee did a great job."
(Officer Name withheld by request)

"This was one of the most informative classes I have had in my career.  This is definitely useful information to pass along to co-workers." (Officer Name withheld by request)

"Course gave light to methods not known to me on how to detect stolen vehicles." (Officer Name withheld by request)

" Great job, gets the class involved, is good at making everyone laugh. Great teacher, tells good stories and has good examples." (Officer Name withheld by request)

"Very informational and very entertaining to listen to.  The program gave a new perspective on traffic stops and what to look for." (Officer Name withheld by request)