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General Info (relating to game data itself): Shadowrun (SNES)


Custom Religion: Atenianity (The Cult Religion of the Sun God) [SR3]


Dice Roller: SR3/SR4 Dice Roller (with Rule of Six/Rule of One)

Basic Custom Map Set: Shadowrun Maps

A major thanks to Squinky from over at dumpshock (on their forums, a great place for knowledge of all things Shadowrun) for drawing up this fantastic image of my two favorite characters I ever had for P&P Shadowrun 3rd edition... Cougar and Reaper.

Cougar is the one with the long hair and the SMG and obvious body armor, while Reaper is the one with half of a metal plate on his face and the scythe. Good old street samurai...

Other Shadowrun Information:

I had a brief internet conversation with Mel Odom in March 2008 about his Shadowrun novels (and his Diablo novel "The Black Road"), and he said that another Shadowrun novel almost happened twice now, and that he would enjoy doing one again should the opportunity present itself. Very exciting news!

Mel Odom Shadowrun Novels:
-Preying For Keeps

-Run Hard, Die Fast

It would seem like Catalyst Game Labs confirmed this in an internet chat, where it looks like Mel Odom is working on a new novel to be released (probably) by 2012.

Update: (February 7, 2015) It looks like Mel Odom is finally writing that new Shadowrun novel, only it will be an e-novel to tie in with the new Shadowrun Hong Kong done by the Harebrained Schemes guys (creators of Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Dragonfall: Director's Cut. Whoo-hoo!

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