Vegetable Soup Recipe - Are You Enjoying Your Soup Properly?

You need to answer the following quizzes before I reveal the best vegetable soup recipe to you at the end of this article. They are all about how and what you should enjoy your vegetable soup. After each quiz, I will give the correct answer out so that you can see if you are right or wrong. However, I must remind you that there might be no absolute Yes or No answers. However, you should answer them with your heart. Otherwise, you can not get the tested recipes for vegetable soup at the end.

1. When I am enjoying your vegetable soup,

a. I am supposed to eat the vegetable only;

b. I am supposed to drink the soup only;

c. I am supposed to both eat the vegetable and drink the soup;

The correct answer for this quiz is c. I have seen many people don't eat the vegetables with in the soup. It is okay this way because most of the nutrition, including vitamins and minerals, has been transmitted to the soup from the vegetable during the cooking process.

However, the vegetable is where the plant fiber is. Plant fiber is supposed to cleanse our colon and good to the health of our digestive system. If you have constipation, vegetable fibers can alleviate your symptoms pretty obviously. Therefore, if the vegetables are left behind untouched, then you might have missed a good opportunity to enjoy the benefits that the vegetable fiber is going to bring you otherwise.

2. When I prepare meals for a family member or a friend in hospital,

a. I am supposed to make hard foods such as rice plus dishes or a hamburger or a steak;

b. I should prepare something special such as cakes;

c. I should boil some vegetable soup;

The correct answer here is c. For patients, their bodies are relatively weak and don't have enough energy for digestion of hard foods. As for cakes, they contain some greasy things such as butter which is not good for recovery. What a patient needs is something that is fresh and easy to digest.

Vegetable soups are just what they need. They will not exert too much pressure on the digestive system and will still provide the needed nutrients.

3. Whenever I want to have some vegetable soup,

a. I can always eat out in the restaurants;

b. I can force my desire down;

c. I can always cook some for myself.

The answer here is obviously c. You cannot always eat out in restaurants because they have their schedule. What if you want to have some soup at night when they are closed? In addition, restaurants are businesses that only retain those dishes on their menu that are profitable. What if they don't have what you want? Would you drive a long way to another restaurant which could also disappoint you or choose b and c.


Yes, you can choose the answer b if the restaurants don't have the soup on their menu or are closed. However, sometimes the more you want to stop thinking about something and the more you want to force your hunger for something down, the more you will end up thinking it and wanting to eat it. Don't do that because you still have another option available.

You can cook the soup at the comfort of your home any time you want. This way, you will never subject to the menu and schedule of restaurants.

Now that you have answered and found the correct answers to the above quizzes, it's time for revelation to the tested homemade vegetable soup recipes. That link will bring you to where the recipes are from which you can choose anyone that you like.Your family will say that you are the best cook ever in no time.