Google Pages is the greatest!

Google Pages lets me use one of 70 different colors of the rainbow on my site! Nearly 65 of those don't match my color scheme, but I don't care!

Google Pages let's me use all 3 inches of space here! I don't have to worry about links leaving the table, like:

See how awesome that is!?

Check out all this over here! Google Pages can let me put this box of text over here, even when there is a box already to the left!

And not only that, but Google Pages lets me change this layout to FOUR ALMOST DIFFERENT STYLES!!! That's three more than just one! I can put a text box to the left, right, or even on BOTH SIDES!! I hope you have a good enough processor to handle that, because I just might use this incredible freedom!

Check it out, YALL! (Google Pages let's me type without proper grammar!) It's an image! Sorry you can't see the whole thing, but Google Pages knows what's best for me and my site, so I better let them do what they want! And suddenly, without warning, Google Pages decided to make this text centered! They know exactly what I want :) And wow-oh-jeezy, they even made the image a link to the image source, without bugging me about it! I feel like I'm in a 6 star hotel!