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All - Medical Problems - Urgent Care - Primary Care - needs Addressed.

Open 9.00 am to 7.00p.m Monday to Friday.

9am to 3 pm on Saturday.

Call: (702)-220-8001

Most Insurances accepted. New Patients Welcome.

OFF FreeWay US 95N - Opposite Santa Fe Station Casino

5061 North Rainbow Blvd #180, Las Vegas, NV - 89130.

Canyon Medical Center, providing exceptional services with, Urgent Care, Primary Care and Medical Care, Clinic, Services in Las Vegas NV.

Call (702) 220-8001 - Our Medical Clinic location is just, OFF the FreeWay on US95 N - opposite Santa Fe Station Casino. Extended Hours & Walk in Medical Clinic. Open Extended Hours & Weekends.

Our Urgent care clinic in Las Vegas NV, provides a very good alternative to ER for all your non-life threatening medical conditions requiring immediate care and medical attention. Services provided in our Urgent care are low cost with shortest wait time ( Immediate Care ), compared to the exorbitantly expensive cost and unaccpetable extensive waiting time, provided in any of the ER.

Primary Care and Medical Care Services will provide you with complete Medical Care, for your Health and Well being. You should make us, your Medical Home, so that your entire health is looked after and cared for. All your Primary Careand Annual Health Physical Exams will be done under one roof and your entire Health and Well Being is looked after. This will eliminate, unnecessary tests and repetition of Health Exams & Tests; done by visits to multiple doctors; which accounts for large portion of the Health Care costs wasted, as per recent Health Care researches.

Canyon Medical Center - Urgent Care / Primary Care / Medical Clinic

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