RajaRao, The Composer

Raja Rao’s creativity flourished as a composer as well.  In his younger days (1935 – 1942) Raja Rao was a prolific composer.

His repertoire includes Swarajatis, Varnas, Kritis and Tillanas.

As if to showcase his Kannada pride, majority of his compositions are in Kannada, while a few are in Telugu.

A collection of his compositions has been published in 1999, nearly sixty years after they had been created.

A second edition needs to be published to include the eleven (11) kritis and three (3) tillanas that were not in the original collection.

Using the ankita (pen name) Purushottama, Raja Rao has composed in some rare ragas such as Kumudapriya, Rasasindhu, Chamundi, Srungaravardhani,  MargaMohini and Pulomika.