Vedran Dronjić

ʋɛ̌d̪ɾan ɾǒːɲitɕ͡



· Second Language Acquisition · Psycholinguistics · 
· Morphology · Vocabulary · Reading ·

· University of Toronto · Ph.D., 2013 ·                                                         

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What I do:

I study the nature of language knowledge. What does it mean to know a language? How do we achieve this formidable task? What cognitive abilities do we rely on when we learn and use language? To address these questions, I rely on psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic experimentation and various types of language tests. 

I am particularly interested in adults learning and using a second language, but I collect both first and second language data from a range of ages.

My research focuses on three specific aspects of language knowledge:

- morphology (processing and awareness)
- lexical knowledge
- reading ability 

Where I do it:

I am an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at Northern Arizona University. [Program Page] [NAU Faculty Page]  


How to reach me: