Vedic Math Classes

Vedic Maths classes are conducted  by Er.K.K.Kumaran,Chartered Engineer (India),F.I.E in Kozhikode (Calicut).  He is a Vedic Maths Teacher  from the Ved Vigyan MahaVidyapeeth, Bangalore ,who has been teaching Vedic Maths  for the past six years to all those interested in the study of this unique ancient system of mathematics. 

His students included not only schoolchildren, housewives, general public but also professionals like  Chartered Accountants and Engineering graduates .The classes are conducted paying individual care and attention so that each candidate understands and digests the  vedic aphorism and its application correctly. This is very important as sixteen of these suthras or aphorisms cover the entire spectrum of general mathematics .These sixteen suthras and their sub-suthras come to the aid of solving mathematical problems, like magical formulae for those who understand them properly and apply them appropriately.

Courses offered

Two levels of Courses are  offered according to the knowledge level of the candidates.

1. Basic Course covering fundamental Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry.

2. Advanced Course for those who have done Basic level  course .

The detailed syllabus for these courses will be available on enrolment.


The timings will be fixed conveniently after discussion with the  candidates on enrollment.