Verification and Design of Cyber-Physical Systems

    The project VEDECY, funded by the ANR, aims at pursuing fundamental research towards the development of algorithmic approaches to verification and design of cyber-physical systems.

    Cyber-physical systems are integrations of computations with physical processes: embedded computers control physical processes which in return affect computations through feedback loops. They are ubiquitous in current technology and their impact on lives of citizens is meant to grow in the future (autonomous vehicles, robotic surgery, “intelligent” energy efficient buildings...).

    Cyber-physical systems applications are often safety critical and therefore reliability is a major requirement. To provide assurance of reliability, model based approaches and formal methods are appealing. Models of cyber-physical systems are heterogeneous by nature: discrete dynamic systems for computations and continuous differential equations for physical processes. The theory of hybrid systems offers a sound modeling framework for cyber-physical systems.

    The purpose of the project VEDECY is to develop hybrid systems techniques for the verification and the design of cyber-physical systems.