Vector Cycle Works offers a variety of cycling-related services:

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At Vector Cycle Works, you have two fit options to meet your goals and budget:  CORE and FUSION.


CORE is a dynamic, comprehensive bike fitting service based on the core principles used at Vector Cycle Works: BikeFit and F.I.S.T.  We work together to build a solid foundation so you can ride comfortably, avoid injury, and perform at your highest potential.  CORE is an accommodative fit service designed around you, as you are today.  CORE includes the initial session, a follow-up phone call and/or e-mail after 2 weeks, and a follow-up session, as needed.  CORE is one of the most robust fitting services in the area, and a great value.


FUSION takes bike fitting to a new level.  FUSION incorporates everything used in CORE, but goes beyond being an accommodative process.  We are going to work together over a period of 6 weeks to raise your performance to a new level. This is the ultimate fit service for any athlete.  During the initial session, we will use an FMS screen to understand your asymmetries and deficiencies that are keeping you from reaching your potential.  You will receive a 6-week FMS PRO 360 functional training plan that is tailored to your needs, which you can do at home, usually about 10 minutes a day.

At 2 weeks and 4 weeks after your initial fit, we will get together for FMS corrective sessions, where we can reevaluate and adjust your functional training plan.  At 6 weeks, you will bring the bike back and we will tweak your fit according to the new you.  You will then receive an updated 6-week FMS PRO 360 training plan so you can continue to improve your function as a human.  FUSION is more than just a bike fit - it is a human performance solution.

The following table helps to compare the differences between the two fit services:

Initial Appointment Time 2.5 Hours 3.5 Hours
Body Analysis    
   Body Measurements YES YES
   Foot Measurements YES YES
   Functional Movement Screen   YES
Bike Fitting Protocols and Tools    
   BikeFit YES YES
   FMS   YES
   Motion Capture YES YES
Phone Call/E-Mail Follow-up after 2 weeks
1 follow-up session as needed
Optional free VERGE session
Upgrade to FUSION available
Pain-Free Guarantee
6-week PRO 360 Program
(2) FMS Corrective sessions
Optional free VERGE session
Follow-up bike fit session after 6 weeks
Tailored PRO 360 Programs
Pain-Free Guarantee
Cost $200 $350
  Schedule CORE Schedule FUSION

Fitting at Vector Cycle Works is a modular and personalized partnership.  During your initial fit session, we work together to establish a foundation for comfort and power.  We continue to work together to ensure you have no pain.  If you want to know more, call Travis at 317-833-0702 or e-mail at  If you're ready to take your ride to the next level, schedule here.

If you are in the market for a new bike, Vector Cycle Works can help you determine what size will be the best fit for your body with the MATCH bike sizing service.  Bike sizing is different than bike fitting as it's primarily geometric.  As an independent bike fitter, we don't have bikes in stock, and you get an unbiased list of the bikes that fit you best.  The process involves the following:

  • We will talk about your history, goals, and budget
  • We'll do a basic body assessment to get approximate starting dimensions
  • We will then put you on a sizing bike to test different saddles, handlebars/aerobars, and crank arms, while dialing in your most comfortable and efficient position using the F.I.S.T. methodology
  • Based on your fit coordinates, we use Vector SIFT to generate a list of bike solutions (bike frame size plus the stem, top cap, and spacer combination needed to reach your fit coordinates) that will be your best match.  Here is a brief video on that subject

If you would like to read more on MATCH, you can read more and see some examples here.  The cost of this service is $100.  You can schedule your MATCH sizing session here.

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FMS is all about how we move as a human athlete, and is not limited to just FUSION customers - no matter what your sport, you can perform at a higher level with less chance of injury with some functional work.

If you want to take your performance to a new level, we can work together on an ongoing basis to provide corrective exercises to help you move better.  When doing corrective work with Vector Cycle Works, we will work together to develop some exercises to help you improve your mobility, motor control, and strength.  We will follow up as needed to help you through a progression to overcome your limitations and improve your movement.

Functional Movement Screening at Vector Cycle Works is not limited to just cyclists - this is appropriate for anybody, no matter what activity you enjoy.  Cost is $50 per session.  Contact Travis at 317-833-0702 or to schedule your FMS session now!

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During a Vector Cycle Works fit or sizing service, we may identify a need for a change in bike components to optimize your fit. We often treat this as a "plan B", where we work with what you have now, knowing that we may need to swap some components in the future. The Vector Cycle Works "plan B" is called Touch. VERGE is all about optimizing the places where your body and bike intersect. As a Vector Cycle Works customer, VERGE is your opportunity to try different saddles, cockpit configurations, and crank arm lengths.

If you are having a hard time finding the saddle that really works for you, we have over 75 saddles available to demo.  Vector Cycle Works has a BikeFit SwitchIt mounted on a spin bike that allows us to try different saddles and adjust saddle height, fore/aft position, and angle quickly.  Customers can often test a dozen or more saddles in less than an hour.  We can then mount the saddle to your bike and let you try it out for up to 60 days.

The cockpit is an often overlooked area of comfort. If your upper body is misaligned and tense, you will not be able to perform at your potential or stay comfortable. Vector Cycle Works has a variety of road, mountain, and triathlon cockpit options to help you neutralize and relax your upper body. We can swap out different components on the fit bike to find what feels best for you.

Crank arm length is another area where you have an opportunity to make some performance and comfort gains. Most bikes today come with crank arms in lengths from 165-175mm, but is that right for you? If you are trying to overcome issues with hip mobility, want to open the hips for better breathing, or are looking to get a more aggressive position, your crank arm length is critical to allowing you to achieve your desired position while staying within your natural range of motion. The Vector Cycle Works fit bike has adjustable cranks that allow you to experience crank arm lengths from 150-190mm. We also have access to cranksets from various manufacturers.

If you are an existing Vector Cycle Works fit customer, you can schedule your VERGE session at no additional cost. Any components purchased as a result of a VERGE session include free installation. You can gain a lot by having the right saddle, cockpit, and cranks for your body.

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At Vector Cycle Works, we love to talk about training and racing with power.

Indoor training and racing with power fit into the Vector Cycle Works service-oriented approach to cycling - providing you a resource to maximize your cycling experience. Call Travis at 317-833-0702 or send an e-mail to if you would like to chat about trainers, software, power meters and how they can change your cycling experience.

Vector Cycle Works is also an authorized dealer for several power meter and indoor trainer solutions. Because the goal is to find what is best for you, we will always discuss all of your options, including those that are not available from Vector Cycle Works. Trainers and accessories purchased from Vector Cycle Works include installation and setup at your home in the Indianapolis metro area. Click the Book Now button to schedule a free phone consultation.

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