WebQuest Description                            
Have you ever been to America? As for me, I was lucky to visit the city of Dallas,Texas. I noticed that many tourists visiting the USA are eager to see Texas. Do you want to be one of them and learn why it is so popular?
Everyone can find here something interesting: unique traditions, glorious history,
wonderful cuisine, rich fauna and flora, numerous cultural and sport events... . This list is far from being full.
If you want to be one of Texas explorers don't hesitate to join this WebQuest!
You'll be able to choose some tourist destinations according to your taste and interests.

  Start the exploration with this instruction, please. 

WebQuest Aim:
 Explore Texas sights and choose some of the most important and challenging ones to route for tourists of different interests.

1. Choose any tourist group to your taste.
2. Learn the suggested resources and Internet links to do the group tasks.
3. Plan out a tourist itinerary showing your destination places and things to explore.
4. The final product should be the production of a video, an essay with all the details or an on-line or power point presentation.


If you've found yourself on this page you are interested in everything connected with the USA in a whole and with Texas particularly.
Make an exciting virtual tour round Texas with us!
You'll discover many new aspects of American culture and Texan character!


Grade Levels:
 8-9 forms

English, history, social studies, art

WebQuest Author:
Larisa Vershinina, a teacher of English, Rovnoe Secondary Comprehensive School, Saratov Region.