Norfolk Amateur Radio Club (NARC) Simcoe 146.925 VE3SME

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The Norfolk Amateur Radio Club is an organization dedicated to those with interests in Amateur Radio. We have a wide area coverage Two Meter repeater.  NARC meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 19:30 hrs; weekly radio net on Monday at 19:30 hrs and an annual field day. 

VE3SME Repeater Update

Since the late months of 2006, the VE3SME Repeater has gone through some major changes, from being taken down from the original site of about twenty years located just west of Simcoe, Ontario on a commercial tower and at a height of approximately 150' to being temporarily set-up in the garage of VE3HJ at a height of 40' and reduced output power,while he tidied up the cabinet and the mass amount of wires.

While the cabinet changes were being done a search went out for coax that will be used to replace the aging and somewhat shorter cable that was used at the previous location.

After some searching, asking around and fundraising, a coil of 1"5/8 (transmitter) and a smaller bundle of 7/8" (link equipment)
cable was found and purchased in early months (winter) of 2007.

The repeater is back at the main site and in full operation.

The NARC operates VE3SME , VHF repeater 146.925 - tone 131.8
 IRLP node #2405
Norfolk County , (Simcoe)  Ontario Canada
Grid Square en92uv
42.53.09n 80.15.46w
  see map



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