This project addressed the rumors spreading through the city of Venice, Italy regarding an alteration in the canal system. Residents have reported a change of flow and a movement of the watershed that influences the Venetian canals. Development and projects such as MOSE have exacerbated these concerns. This project addressed these rumors by analyzing the change of the canal system through hydrodynamics and tide delay studies.

In the 20 years of research at the Venice Project Center, the VPC acquired a great reputation in large part because of the fundamental research we conducted on all aspects of the Venice Inner Canals in the 1990’s.  After an independent beginning, most of our work took place under the auspices of the UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) Venice Office.  Our contribution to the inception of the Insula company is embodied in the book entitled “Venezia.  La cittá dei Rii”.
To date, our work on the Venice Canals remains one of our major claims to fame.
This year, we will revisit our original research and conduct new measurements to compare with our baselines after more than a decade.  This will represent the first instance of the reutilization of our own data in the context of a longitudinal study, which we hope to continue in other areas as well.
In particular, we will explore the veracity of the rumors surrounding the impact of the MOSE project on the hydrodynamics of the inner canals. All the measurements will be compared to our past ones and conclusions will be drawn on the state of the canals and the watershed of Venice. 
The subject of Venice's tide delay will also be touched on in this study and the students will be working very closly with the Centro Maree (the Tide Forecasting Center for the city of Venice). Possible correlations may also be drawn between the way the hydrodynamics have changed and the tide delay that the city experiences.
Hydrodynamics testing and tide delay testing will need to be scheduled according to the tides and the moons.
This project will reassert our role as the world experts on the Venice canals, in collaboration with UNESCO and Insula and the Centro Maree.
The team will touch upon these areas in terms of literature review, and will pursue as many of these lines as possible, upon consultation with the advisors. The team will plan the pursuit of the remaining research ideas for future student teams.

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