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Other DOS sites

Other DOS software and information sites                      
Further information on DOS and software for it can be found on other sites:

4DOS Info
Created/maintained by Klaus Meinhard
Concerned with JP Software's 4DOS/4OS2/4NT/Take Command command processor replacements,
but with links to other DOS software and information

Dr. DOS Betamax - The DOS Operating System
Created/maintained by Richard Bonner
A comprehensive collection of information about DOS and DOS usage, with links to other DOS sites.

FreeDOS Project
A project to create a free, open source, MS-DOS compatible OS

Free Software for DOS
Created by Richard Green and maintained by the late Steven Adelewitz
Recently resurrected by Richard
Extensive links to DOS info and free software
http://reimagery.com/fsfd/index.htm (07/26/11 Down at the moment)
(08/06/11 Partially back.  Files are there, forums still offline.)
http://www.bttr-software.de/freesoft/ (Mirror of old Short Stop site)

Garbo MS-DOS Software Repository
Maintained by Professor Timo Salmi at the University of Vaasa in Finland

(Offline since 2012.  Professor Salmi retired, and the machine hosting Garbo died and will not be replaced.)

Snapshot of the DOS section of the Garbo archives created by Gene Buckle

Horst Schaeffer's little Windows utilities
small Windows(!) programs (incl. CLIPTEXT) that run from the CMD prompt or BAT files.

Interesting DOS programs

A collection of links to DOS software and other DOS software sites, maintained by Dev Anand Teelucksingh

The Ber
keley Utilities
40 MS-DOS versions of AT&T System V Unix utilities, with some MS-DOS extensions.
Formerly commercial, now freeware