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posted Nov 7, 2012, 10:44 AM by DadGamerSwiss   [ updated Nov 30, 2012, 10:48 AM ]
Shaka Smart issued a challenge to make every game like a rivalry game...

Challenge Accepted.

Saturday vs Belmont, we will continue our initiative to unify both student sections at the Stu. For too long we have grown the crazed frenzy in the East End and watched the West End be a boring, lifeless body of fans. We are asking for volunteers to give up their seats in the East, take their friends, and take up seats in the West. There, you will be encouraged to continue your Rowdy ways, standing, cheering, having a great time WHILE ENCOURAGING THOSE AROUND YOU TO JOIN YOU. It is important that we do this the right way, as an invitation and not a hostile take over. We must present ourselves as a caring, fun loving group. Talk to those around you. Warn those sitting behind you that you will be standing the whole game, and if they chose to sit, they will not be able to see. This way they have time to locate other seats before it is too late. Teach them the chants and cheers. Make sure you are having fun (or at least look like you're having fun) so that they will want to join you! Once we get life in the West, cross-court chants will become more regular, with Go-RAMS, Black-GOLD, and eventually we might try an adapted version of "Winning Team/Losing Team". The Stu is already a tough place for opponents to play. Can you imagine how it will be when BOTH student sections, all 2,000 people, are going nuts and cheering on the Rams in the rowdiest ways possible?! So come on, join us, and let's UNIFY THE STU!!!

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It:
Anyone willing to volunteer would show up before the doors open (6PM), and probably even earlier if possible, to get the best seats in the West End of the arena by the VCU Bench. Talk with those around you as they start to sit around you. Ask them if they like to stand during the games (they could be other Rowdies on the same mission!). If they say no, politely tell them that you will be standing, and that they may want to take up other seats if they wish to sit. Then, be your rowdiest, and encourage those around you to join in! Teach them the chants and cheers, and what to do during Free Throws, etc. Make it fun, make it rowdy, make it real.