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OCCUPY WEST END (of the Stu) Nov. 30th

posted Nov 12, 2011, 3:16 PM by DadGamerSwiss   [ updated Nov 12, 2011, 9:00 PM ]
    We want to share our passion for VCU Basketball with the whole arena! So on November 30th, we are enacting 'Occupy West End'. We will be splitting up forces and sitting on both sides of the arena. We want to get the students on both sides of the arena to get into the action, cheering, jumping, waving arms and looking like the bunch in this picture! We're also going to enact a couple of new cheers. Someone will stand at the bottom of each section and hold up signs that either say 'GO', 'RAMS', 'BLACK' or 'GOLD'. Whichever one is held up in front of you, shout it out. The effect is that one side shouts GO! and the other shouts RAMS! (or Black! Gold!) to add to the rocking atmosphere at the Stu (if you're new, the Stu is our nickname for the Stuart C. Siegel Center). 
Photo credit to Rams Review.
**Our actions could be met with hostility by fans not used to the Rowdy way. This is a peaceful movement. We're looking to make this a positive and friendly event. We want people to see what we're doing, like it, and want to join in. Talk with everyone around you before things really get going and tell them what is going on. Explain to them what we do at basketball games and how much fun it is. Also explain in a nice way that we stand the whole game, and if they do not want to join in, that they might want to find other seating so that they may enjoy the game. In the event that you are cussed or yelled at, ignore it and kill them with kindness! If you are threatened or harassment becomes physical (candy thrown at you, spit upon, etc.) seek an usher immediately. **