It's #Shakaville 3.0!!! We will be camping out for the best seats for the HUGE match up vs #8 Virginia on December 6th, 2014. The earliest we will be setting up is Thursday morning, Dec. 4th.

***Camping out does not garuntee you a game ticket, you must still apply for and obtain a ticket through***

1) NO ALCOHOL (sorry!) There are places nearby if you must, but do not bring any to the 'camp'.

2) Your group must have submitted registration to with the following:

-Group name (if none created, will use Tent Leader's name)
-Tent Leader's name (and email if submitted by someone other than the Team Leader)
-Number of people that will be in group's tent (Maximum of 6)
-What time you plan on setting up (can be as early as 8AM Thursday morning)
-If you are going to participate in the Campsite Decoration Contest (with prizes*!).
*Prizes available so far include VCU themed shirts from and Baja Bean Gift Cards. Hopefully more to come!

At least one person from your tent must be present at all times. Does not have to be the same person at all times, but it must be someone with your tent.

4) All members of your group MUST be present from 3am until 6am on GameDay! This ensures people are putting in the work and not just sleeping at home then jumping in someone's tent. There WILL be mandatory checks during these times, and if you do not comply you will lose your spot in line. Clean up will be 11am - noon Saturday.

5) All members of each tent group will receive a sequentially numbered ticket. Your ticket will be where you line up in the main line, so DO NOT LOSE IT. Tickets will be given out to each TENT LEADER for the number of people they registered for their tent. It will be the duty of the TENT LEADERS to make sure each member of the tent gets a ticket, and keeps up with their ticket until game time. If a ticket is lost, that person will have to go to the rear of the line. TICKETS WILL STOP BEING GIVEN OUT AT 11:59PM FRIDAY! NO EXCEPTIONS!

6) A second ticket will be given to each tent leader with the group name on it. Whomever is watching the tent MUST have this ticket with them. If you swap whomever is watching the tent, please transfer this ticket to another person. This is so that during the random tent checks, you will be able to keep your place in line. We will not know who is assigned to which tent, this will allow us to verify each tent has someone keeping an eye on it (all in the name of safety!).

7) No open flames, no gas grills. Plan to camp as if there will be no electricity. Bring battery powered devices. Friday night you might be allowed to enter the building to use restrooms, warm up, and charge a phone. Pretty sure this is happening but not set in stone yet.

8) Don't do anything illegal.

9) We're all here for the same reasons, in the name of school spirit. Make an effort to get along with EVERYONE and make new friends!!!

pful Tips:
-IT IS GOING TO BE VERY COLD. Temps will range from 50s down to the mid 20s. Dress and plan appropriately. Don't want anyone getting sick. Pack on the layers!!!

-Plan to not have electricity in your tent. A very limited supply of power is available, first come first serve on power. Bring lots of battery powered devices.

Tent Decorating Contest:

Will be held Friday night around 5PM. Tent Leader must be available at this time. Any tent leader not present will have their tent disqualified from the Decoration Contest.

Friday Night #Shakaville Party:
We are planning on having a live DJ (@DJRodneyS) on Friday night from about 7pm-10pm. This may change, as we are also trying to have the VCU Peppas (band) come out and teach us the Haka war chant.

Saturday Morning Christmas Parade:
There will be a Christmas Parade on Broad Street Saturday morning. You are welcome to watch! Just keep in mind this is right around clean up time, so try to have someone parked close to the arena, and on the same side of Broad as the Siegel Center, before Saturday to make clean up easier. Parking will be a huge mess on Saturday.

Tent Groups Registered:
[Camp Name; residents; setup time expected; decorating]
BRI; 3; 8AM Thursday; YES
TRE; 3; 8AM Thursday; YES
BatCave; 2; 8AM Thursday; YES
Crew Ladies; 4; 8AM Thursday; YES
Tent Ramrod; 4; 8AM Thursday; No
The Kiltmen; 5; 8AM Thursday; YES
Shaka Shack; 4; 8AM Thursday; YES
Tent Whatever; 4; 8AM Thursday; No
SQUAD; 6; 10AM Thursday; YES
RAMada Inn; 4; 10AM Thursday; YES 
United States of Shaka; 2; 8PM Thursday; YES
Mo's Rejects; 8; 8AM Friday; YES
Gilmore Girls; 4; 11:30AM Friday; YES
#OUCH; 4; 12PM Friday; No
Be Our Guest; 4; 12PM Friday; YES
Latenight with Lettermen; 4; 1PM Friday; No
502; 2; 2PM Friday 
Shaka Top; 6; 3PM Friday; YES
Burgess Bungalo; 6; 4:30PM Firday, YES
Campfire Crooks; 3; 10:30PM Friday; No