For those who haven't been to a game yet, and don't want to be left behind, this will teach you what the traditions are for our home basketball games, and a few basic chants.

During Warm Ups:
Every time the opponent enters/exits the arena, we boo loudly in their general direction. As the opponent warms up, we heckle them, especially when they miss lay-ups or dunks. If you see a missed dunk or lay-up by the opponent, point and laugh... LOUDLY!

This is true for both pre-game and half-time warm-ups.

Opposing Team Player Intros:

It is tradition for the student sections to turn their backs to the court during player intros. Other schools use news papers/magazines to show their disinterest in the opponent, this is our method! (Don't forget to turn back around when they're over!)

Then wait for the cue from the pep band's drummer to start the V! C! U! chant (VERY easy to pick up on). Our team's intros will follow.

New in 2011, we began using our War Chant for pre-tip off. The lyrics are "You don't wanna go to war, with the Rams, don't start no STUFF won't be no STUFF". Notice it says STUFF. There's also jumping and clapping involved but it isn't hard and you can pick it up easily. (See video.)

Rowdy Rams War Chant

On Defense:

We're always doing something on defense. What we're trying to do is be loud and disrupt the opponent's play calling, while intimidating them.  We generally do this by yelling "OOOOHHHHHHHH" or "DEEEEEEEFFFEEEEENNNSSSEEE" (DEFENSE) and jumping around, some even wave shirts/towels.

We also have the very simple "DE - FENSE (clap - clap)" chant.  Both methods are used interchangeably, sometimes even simultaneously!

On Offense:

We're a little less Rowdy on offense, so that the players can communicate easier.  We do a few supportive chants, such as:

Lets - Go - Ra - Ms (clap - clap - clapclapclap) - The Ra - Ms part sounds like 'ray-ums', the result of trying to make a one syllable word fit into a two syllable scheme! We use this chant frequently!

Set it up, put it in! - On the words "set it up", you raise both arms forward, then up to the air (like a touchdown signal in football) and on "put it in", you drop your arms back down to your side.

Score! Points! And Win! - Nothing special for this one!

Other Chants:
Go! Rams! - Here we have two people at the base of each student section (east and west) hold up signs. One says 'GO!' and the other says 'RAMS!'. When the sign at the bottom of your section is held up, you yell which ever word is on it.  The east and west go back and forth and the effect is a fun GO! RAMS! chant. On occasion, we also do the same type chant, but with 'Black!' and 'Gold!' as the words.

War Song:
(lyrics) You don't want to go to war! With the RAMS! Don't start no stuff won't be no stuff!

Choir - This chant derives from soccer, but is a lot of fun. It goes like this, except where the crowd chants UNITED! we will chant VCU!

Our Team's Free Throws:
We get completely silent with our arms raised up like a touchdown signal. If the shot is made, you drop your arms and shout "WHOOSH! V! C! U! GO! RAMS! GO!" This is probably the most difficult thing we do, and it is still very simple. After a time or two, you'll catch on pretty quick! (If the shot is missed, just put your arms down... and get back to cheering for the Rams!

Opposing Team's Free Throws:

On an opponent's free throw attempt, we do every legal thing we can think of to distract them, such as whistling, waving arms, tossing up empty soda bottles (but NOT directed toward the floor), waving towels and t-shirts, moving side to side, ANYTHING to cause a distraction! (Side note: don't do anything that will get us a technical foul or kicked out of the game. Artificial noise makers are not permitted. Do not throw anything onto the court.)

Winning the game:
With about a minute to play, if the game is well in hand (more than a 10 point lead), it has become tradition for students to pull out their keys and shake them in the air (to signal "warm up the bus" or "drive home safely"). 

On occasion, we get crafty with our ending chants. For example, when beating ODU, we chant "64 East! 64 East!" because that is the direction they have to travel when leaving the Stu (nickname for the Stuart C Siegel Center).  This is basically a way of saying "get the heck outta here!" while being a bit more polite.

A few other examples:
Virginia Union: Lombardy North! (The road connects our two campuses)
George Mason, Drexel: 95 North!
James Madison: 64 West!
William & Mary: 64 East!

When beating the University of Richmond, we make rich people jokes.  Last year, we chanted "Warm up the Benz!" (In reference to the high cost to go to U of R, as well as the likelihood that people that go to U of R drive a Mercedes Benz, BMW, or Lexus).

When we aren't feeling that creative, we also use "Thank you for making the trip!"

As Rowdy Rams, we strive to create a fun and energetic atmosphere while keeping the student section fairly classy.  We try to dig up info on the opponents and heckle them, get in their heads, and throw them off their game. However, vulgar chants are not tolerated. (disclaimer: sometimes emotions get the best of everyone, just remember that you are representing your university, and the things you say reflect on everyone at VCU.)

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