9. Week Nine (Week of March 19)

Getting to TPACK: The intersection(s) of technology and professional development

So, now that you know WHAT TPACK is, we turn to the real leadership question (this IS a leadership class, after all): HOW do we get teachers to that sweet spot at the intersection of PK, CK and TK? In other words, if you're a school leader and you want your teachers to integrate technology more, how do you make that happen?

So, we move from the WHAT to the HOW...

For this week, we'll take a turn towards more traditional online pedagogy (I can hear you cheering already!). Attached to this page (at the bottom) are two articles that I think are really worth reading. Together, I think they form a pretty articulate view of the leadership challenge that is our focus this week.

So, your challenge this week is to:

1. Read the articles
2. Synthesize them (on our blog).

In other words, see what meaning you can make from those articles and write about that on the blog. Don't feel constrained to just synthesize the articles; consider writing about how what you read jives (or not) with your own experiences (with professional development) and intuition.

Jonathan Becker,
Oct 23, 2011, 8:01 PM