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Storybird (Coward)

Introduction to StoryBird: A Literacy Tool to Inspire Students to Read and Write Better

Storybird is a interactive web based tool that allows students to participate in project based learning to create interactive stories while collaborating together to improve literacy skills. It is a simple, easy to use tool that encourages students to read and write and inspires them to create. 

Top Reasons for Why Educators May Want to Use Storybird:

  • Encourages reluctant readers to read and write
  • Opportunities for students to collaborate and share ideas while they create their own story
  • Students are easily able to navigate program to create storybook
  • Great images and artwork for students that help inspire a story
  • Student Work can be easily accessed to grade and review.
  • The created project can be easily shared and downloaded so others can provide feedback or edit
  • Embed anywhere i.e. class blogs, websites, email for others to see

Top Reasons School Leaders May Want to Use Storybird Program in their Schools:
  • Project based learning tool allows students to be more engaged in their learning
  • Storybird promotes imagination, literacy, and self-confidence with students.
  • Students have more of an opportunity to create and understand concepts and ideas
  • A Tool for faculty meetings for more creative and interactive way to deliver information 
  •  Increases and promotes literacy in school

  • Encourages use of  technology and 21st century skills in classrooms

  • Facilitates collaboration and communication among students

  • Interactive reading and writing for students make it more interesting

  • Help build confidence in students who may struggle with reading

  • Excellent for ESL learners

  • Helpful for those who may struggle with reading or having other learning disabilities.

Story Bird How To:  This is a Tutorial I created using further explaining how the web tool works and how to use it. 
It really is simple and takes no time at all.  It's perfect for all ages of students.  

A How to Guide on Creating Your Own StoryBird by A. Coward on Storybird

Additional Video Tutorial of Storybird  Produced By Vimeo

Storybird Quick Tour from Storybird on Vimeo.