We are an organization of social studies specialists, college educators, museum professionals, social studies education non-profit professionals, and representatives from the Virginia Department of Education. We represent all regions of Virginia. Our purposes are:

1.      To provide improvement of social studies education in the Commonwealth through the collective efforts of individuals with assigned leadership responsibilities;

2.      To promote a free flow of ideas among social studies educators in supervision, curriculum development, teacher education, museum education, and the State                     Department of Education;

3.      To initiate a direct channel of communication among Virginia social studies educators and the National Council for the Social Studies, State Board of 

      Education, legislative bodies, civic agencies, and community leaders;

4.      To promote instructional and curriculum improvements in social studies education;

5.      To foster a positive image of social studies educators as trained professionals whose primary concern is the best education possible for the students of the state

6.      To seek solutions to needs in social studies education.

Please contact VCSSSCE President Cathy Hix at cathy.hix@apsva.us to begin the membership process.   


Please read the VCSSSCE Position on SOL Testing Reform for Social Science to become familiar with the organizations most current issue.  

  Click VCSSSCE Recommendations for Social Science Education K-12 to view the entire document. 
To contact us, email: vcsssce@googlegroups.com.