We are an organization of social studies specialists, college educators, museum professionals, social studies education non-profit professionals, and representatives from the Virginia Department of Education. We represent all regions of Virginia. Our purposes are:
  • To provide improvement of social studies education in the Commonwealth through the collective efforts of individuals with assigned leadership responsibilities;
  • To promote a free flow of ideas among social studies educators in supervision, curriculum development, teacher education, museum education, and the State Department of Education;
  • To initiate a direct channel of communication among Virginia social studies educators and the National Council for the Social Studies, State Board of Education, legislative bodies, civic agencies, and community leaders;
  • To promote instructional and curriculum improvements in social studies education;
  • To foster a positive image of social studies educators as trained professionals whose primary concern is the best education possible for the students of the state
  • To seek solutions to needs in social studies education.

Please contact Virginia Social Studies Leaders Consortium (VSSLC) President Ellen Stick at estick@rcps.info to begin the membership process.   

Please register to attend the Virginia Council for Social Studies Conference October 16 & 17, 2015.

  Click VCSSSCE Recommendations for Social Science Education K-12 to view the entire document. 
To contact us, email: vcsssce@googlegroups.com.