Sourcebook Ch. 6

Sourcebook 6 – In terms of applying metacognition, there needs to be a way to put into practice these same strategies beginning at the elementary level in kindergarten.  What we can do, beginning in the primary grades, is lay the foundation and build upon the skills and strategies beneficial to inquiry and habits of thinking cognitively.  Students are explicitly taught to build their own background and access prior knowledge through oral and written activities such as Unit openers that includes the 5- “W’s” and “H” questions.  At this time, shared experiential knowledge benefits and helps others to construct meaning as well in the form of postings to a “Concept/Question” board that is referred back to daily and throughout a given unit.  In addition, I think we need to directly teach note-taking skills and journaling as a way to construct meaning and reflect on learning.  Sometimes, high level thinking skills (“HOTS”) go unnoticed and are not expected from students unless they are in a G.A.T.E. or SAS class, unfortunately.  How then do we expect to fully engage students in active learning if they are uninterested?