• WANTED: Bumperettes (front and rear)  that were accessories on the 74-75 140 and 160 series. i.e. the “big bumper” cars.  See photos at [1], [2]. Contact Doug Miller at email chez.doug@gmail.com  [2018-04-26]
  • WANTED: 1965 - 1968 122s Automatic. 2 or 4 dr, or wagon. Must be in excellent to near mint condition. Neville Britto, nev_britto@hotmail.com [2017-09-01]
  • WANTED: Volvo 142, preferably 73-74 Gl automatic, but will consider any years. Contact me at Mikeshuff(@)shaw.ca [2017-07-13]
  • WANTED: To reconnect with my old 1983 242 Turbo.  I’ve been searching for my old 83 242 turbo which was my first car. My search has lead me to BC and all my research shows that my car is actively registered in BC, but ICBC can’t tell me the city it currently lives in.  The car started off as a silver 242 turbo then in the mid 90’s got a complete rebuild and was painted Volvo 850 T5R yellow so it’s very hard to miss.  The VIN number is YV1AX4722D3234458.  I’m hoping someone in your club either owns it, has owned it, or has seen it somewhere.  I’m very eager to buy it back.  I have attached the only picture I can find of the car, see [1].  I appreciate all your help.  Call Joel at  403-360-3447 or email atjoel@lethbridgerealestate.com [2016-11-20]
  • WANTED: New or very good condition windshield for 544. Contact JEB at jebstevens@shaw.ca or 250-871-6570. [2016-06-10]
  • WANTED: Vintage wooden slat roof rack for my 1966 Volvo Wagon.  Please contact Chris @ 604-790-9785 or email me at nudz1996@gmail.com [2016-04-18]
  • WANTED: Volvo 122S interior components.   Good quality front seats, door panels, firewall insulation, carpet, door rubber etc. Black preferred but will consider other colours.
    Please email Adrian at livesley88(at) hotmail.com [2016-04-15]
  • WANTED: Looking for a running 240 wagon as a first time project car. New to Victoria and working on cars. Turbo preferred , manual preferred. Max Dennis at 416 662 0285 or m_dennis@live.ca [2014-11-02]
  • WANTED: Will pay $30 each for the flange on the differential (that the drive shaft connects to) from the following Volvos:  71 142E, 70,71 1800E, 164 series and 240 series.  The flange is just over 3 3/4” outside diameter and has 4@   3/8” bolt holes and 26 internal splines.  Call Ian at 778-988-6815 or email ianwoodesq@gmail.com [2014-02-05] 
  • WANTED: Volvo 122s 2dr or 123GT. Not interested in a project. Looking for something that I can drive and enjoy today - the car has either recently undergone a restoration or was restored and then lovingly garage-kept. I'm located in Downtown Vancouver but would be happy to travel. Contact Christian at 778.688.7087 [2012-06-08]
  • WANTED - Volvo 444  1953  rear bumper.   Walt  Tartar 206- 524- 2694 [2012-04-26]
  • WANTED - Volvo  240  4  dr   or  wagon.    Contact  William  Webb    360-629-4214 [2012-04-26]
  • WANTED. A set of four ATS center caps for ATS mags for the 1800 ES. Contact Michael Parramore, Mayo, Maryland at jet646@gmail.com. [2012-04-20]
  • Looking for where I can order the "blanks" for the rear wheel wells on a 240? I understand these are still being made in Europe. I'm also looking for the name of someone willing and able to do rust work for a 240 Volvo at a reasonable price ($). I'll most likely have to have the rust cut out and the blanks welded in place. Any leads would be appreciated, and I can send pictures of the rust. Contact: Andrew @ andrew.ibey@gmail [dot] com
  • WANTED: I am looking for a substitute driver's side bucket seat for a 1982-92 240 series Volvo.  I am not worried about condition because I plan to rebuild my own tan leather seat over the winter/spring of this year.  I would prefer tan or black if a two door seat is available because I also need the large tilt adjuster knob that lives at the bottom left corner of the seat.  

    A four door seat is also fine. 

    I live in Parksville but am prepared to travel up or down island or over to Vancouver.  Chapmans quoted me a price of a hundred dollars to buy one from them but that is a little rich for my purposes.

    Bob Pellow
    295 Jensen Ave W
    Parksville, BC
    250 248 8954 [2011-11-17]
  • WANTED:  Cupholder wanted for my Volvo 960 - any colour. 940 model also suitable. Contact Marie at 604-807-7675 or volvolady@yahoo.com [2011-07-04]
  • WANTED:  Volvo 164 and 140 parts  1967- 1972.   I am converting my near mint blue 1972 164E to a manual shift transmission and need the following bits:  front drive shaft (for M410 overdrive transmission) steering column top cover with cut-out for overdrive stalk (right side) Overdrive stalk and its mounting bracket, screws, and steering column bracket, plus OD wire harness and relay.  Also looking for the 1972-only 140-164 center console.. the one with the same wood applique as on the dash. Any R-sport suspension bits appropriate to a 164. ATS 5 spoke wheels for my 1800es.   5 gauge Ralley instrument cluster for either 140 or 164, pistol grip Volvo accessory shift knob. Thanks!  Beau MacGregor  Seattle & Bellingham, WA 360-319-0310 bcmacgregor@comcast.net [2011-05-28]

  • WANTED:  Volvo 240 Black Leather front seats in good condition. Pre or post 1986 seats considered (narrow or wide back). Thanks! Beau MacGregor  Seattle & Bellingham, WA 360-319-0310 bcmacgregor@comcast.net [2011-05-28]

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