Selected Publications

Articles Appearing in Peer-Reviewed Journals
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Ballor, Jordan J., and Victor V. Claar. 2016. "The Soul of the Entrepreneur: A Christian Anthropology of Creativity, Innovation, and Liberty." Journal of Ethics & Entrepreneurship 6: 117-31.

Claar, Victor V., and Colleen E. Haight. 2015. "Is Fair Trade Worth Its Cost?"
Faith & Economics 65: 25-34.

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Claar, Victor V. 2013. "Will Fair Trade Coffee Stunt Your (Economic) Growth?: Response." Journal of Markets and Morality 16: 259-66.

Claar, Victor V., Christine Cain, and Ross D. Poll. 2013. "
Spreading Academic Pay over Nine or Twelve Months: Economists Are Supposed to Know Better, but Do They Act Better?" Applied Economics 45: 2792-2800.

Claar, Victor V. 2012. "What I Wish Theologians Understood about Markets and the Economists Who Study Them." Faith & Economics 60: 32-39.

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Claar, Victor V.  200
6.  "Is the NAIRU More Useful in Forecasting Inflation than the Natural Rate of Unemployment?" Applied Economics 38: 2179-89.

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Claar, Victor V. 2005. "A Kalman-Filter Approach to Estimating the Natural Rate of Unemployment." Proceedings of Rijeka School of Economics: Journal of Economics and Business 23: 1-24.

Claar, Victor V. 1998. "An Incentive-Compatibility Approach to the Problem of Monitoring a Bureau." Public Finance Review 26: 599-610.

Selected Other Book Chapters, Working Papers, & Research in Progress

Invited Contributions to Edited Volumes

"Nursing." 2015. With Valerie A. Claar. In Frederick F. Wherry, ed., The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, pp. 1192-94.

"Ethics and Economics." 2010. In Rhona Free, ed., 21st Century Economics: A Reference Handbook. Thousand Oaks, CA:  Sage, pp. 891-900.

In Progress

"Just the Facts, Mammon." With Greg Forster.

"The Effects of Revenue-Earning Athletic Programs on Graduation Rates at Division I-A Schools."  With Kellee Nelson.

"Chadwick on Crime, in Light of Becker and Stigler."