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Economics in Christian Perspective:
Theory, Policy and Life Choices

In 2007,
IVP Academic published Economics in Christian Perspective:  Theory, Policy and Life Choices, a book that I wrote with my friend Robin Klay. 

The book is now in its eighth printing, and was recently translated and published for sale in China and Taiwan.

Here is a review by Samuel Gregg, and here is one by John Anderson. And Scott Rae talks about it here.

My dear friend Robin:

Fair Trade?

Its Prospects as a Poverty Solution

Fair Trade?
In 2010, the Acton Institute published Fair Trade? Its Prospects as a Poverty SolutionThe monograph is part of Acton's Studies in Christian Social Ethics and Economics series, edited by Anthony B. Bradley. The book has been translated into both the Polish and Spanish languages, and was republished in 2012.

From the publisher's description:

"Is it possible that fair trade could actually hurt the very people it's intended to help? In this thoughtful and provocative book, Victor V. Claar raises significant economic and moral questions about both the logic and economic reasoning underlying the fair trade coffee movement."