About Me


Dr. Victor V. Claar is associate professor of economics at Florida Gulf Coast University, where he holds the BB&T Distinguished Professorship in Free Enterprise.

He writes for both economists and non-economists, and is the author (with Robin Klay) of Economics in Christian Perspective: Theory, Policy and Life Choices, which is now in its tenth printing and was recently translated into the Chinese language. His influential monograph about fair trade has been translated into the Polish language.

Professor Claar is an affiliate scholar of the Acton Institute, as well as a member of the Foundation for Economic Education’s Faculty Network. He is a Fulbright Scholar, having spent a year teaching economics to graduate students in the former-Soviet republic of Armenia.

His forthcoming book with coauthor Greg Forster, The Keynesian Revolution and the Rise of Economic Materialism: We’re All Dead, is under contract to be published in early 2019 by Palgrave Macmillan.

Dr. Claar is a frequent invited speaker and lecturer, giving recent talks at Providence College, the American Enterprise Institute, and the historic University of Wrocław in Wrocław, Poland.


Ph.D., Economics, May 2000, West Virginia University
  • Major field:  Monetary Economics
  • Secondary fields:  Public Finance, International Economics
M.A., Economics, August 1995, West Virginia University

B.A., Business Administration, August 1987, Houghton College (NY)
  • Also completed all requirements for a second major in mathematics

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