Get VCat

Click on the attachment below to download the latest version of VCat (March 2008).

What you should see when you unzip the folder (8 total items):

  • 3 xslt style sheets. These icons have a “gear” shape on them.
  • The database itself, with the FMP icon. The name of the database is VireoCat_v3
  • 2 schema icons with .xsd extensions
  • 1 xml document, that is named “vcExport” (web page icon)
  • 1 txt document, that is also named “vcExport” (note pad icon)

You may see other items like “.DS_Store” on windows or other Mac OS settings—leave these, it is only a function of opening the folder, or sharing it across platforms. You don’t use these directly. Simply leave everything as it is, do not rename anything.

Please consult the available documentation for more information.

M Macken,
Jan 27, 2009, 10:51 AM