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Current Working Papers

Sex ratio imbalances and pre-marital investments: The implications of imperfect commitment (with Wenchao Li and Junjian Yi), Feb 2017.

The Ratchet Effect Re-examined: A Learning Perspective,  Nov. 2014.

Older papers

Dynamic Countervailing Power under Public and Private Monitoring, June 2013.

A Foundation for Markov Equilibria in Infinite Horizon Perfect Information Games (with George Mailath and Stephen Morris), October 2012. This is an earlier version of the paper published in REStud, with different assumptions.

Asymmetric Price Adjustment: Micro-foundations and Macroeconomic Implications, Sept. 2002, to be revised.

A Theory of Wage Uniformity with Implications for Employer Provision of Training (with Steinar Holden), Sept. 2002.

The Robustness of Repeated Game Equilibria to Incomplete Payoff Information, April 2000.


Recent & Forthcoming publications

The Curse of Long Horizons (with George Mailath), Journal of Mathematical Economics, forthcoming.

Community Enforcement of Trust with Bounded Memory (with Caroline Thomas), Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming. 

A longer version contains some additional results : see here.

The Culture of Overconfidence (with Caroline Thomas),  American Economic  Review: Insights, forthcoming. 

For longer version: here.

The Demographic Transition and the Position of Women: A Marriage Market PerspectiveEconomic Journal, forthcoming. 

The Impact of Monitoring in Infinitely Repeated Games: Perfect, Public and Private (with Masaki Aoyagi and Guillaume Frechette), AEJ:Micro, Feb. 2019.

The Economic Functioning of Online Drugs Markets (with Robin Linacre and Steve Machin),  Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming.

Marriage as a Rat Race: Noisy Pre-Marital Investments with Assortative Matching (with Ed Hopkins), Journal of Political Economy, August 2016.

A Foundation for Markov Equilibria in Sequential Games with Finite Social Memory (with George Mailath and Stephen Morris), Review of Economic Studies, July 2013.

Can Observers Predict  Trustworthiness? (with Michele Belot and Jeroen van de Ven), Review of Economics and Statistics, February 2012.

Parental Altruism  and Child Labor: Examining the Historical Evidence from the United States (with Bishnupriya Gupta), Cliometrica2012.

Beauty and the Sources of Discrimination  (with Michele Belot and Jeroen van de Ven),  Journal of Human Resources, 2012.

Sex Selection and Gender Balance. , American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, February 2011. (See also the corrigendum, published in the May 2011 issue).

Promises and Cooperation, (with Michele Belot and Jeroen van de Ven), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2010.

Note: Links are not currently live to the papers listed below.

Games Played in a Contracting Environment,  Games & Economic Behavior, 2009.

Commitment and Observability in a Contracting Environment,  Games & Economic Behavior, July 2009.

Rational Adversaries? Evidence from Randomized Trials in One Day CricketEconomic Journal, January 2009

Purification in Infinitely Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma (with George Mailath and Stephen Morris), Review of Economic Dynamics, July 2008.

India's missing girls: Biology, customs and economic development, (with Bishnupriya Gupta) Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2007.

The Kinked Demand Curve, forthcoming in the second edition of The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, edited by Steven Durlauf and Lawrence Blume

Partial Privatization and Yardstick Competition: Evidence from Employment Dynamics in Bangladesh (with Bishnupriya Gupta and Mushtaq Khan), Economics of Transition, 2006.

Is Perfect Price Discrimination Really Efficient? An Analysis of Free Entry (with Ted To), Rand Journal of Economics, December 2004.

Migration and the Evolution of Conventions, (with Fernando Vega-Redondo), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, November 2004..

Oligopsony and the Distribution of Wages (with Ted To), European Economic Review, 47, 371-399. (2003)..

Asynchronous Choice & Markov Equilibria, (with Fernando Vega-Redondo), Journal of Economic Theory, 103, 334-350. (2002).

Oligopsony and Monopsonistic Competition in Labor Markets (with Alan Manning & Ted To),  Journal of Economic Perspectives 16, 155-174. (2002).

On Endogenously Staggered Prices, Review of Economic Studies69, 97-116. (2002).

Moral Hazard and Private Monitoring, (with Eric van Damme), Journal of Economic Theory 102, 16-39. (2002).

Belief based Equilibria in the Repeated Prisoners' Dilemma with Private Monitoring (with Ichiro Obara), Journal of Economic Theory 102, 40-69. (2002).

Egalitarianism and Efficiency in Repeated Symmetric Games, Games and Economic Behavior, 32, 247-262. (2000).

Minimum Wages for Ronald McDonald Monopsonies: A Theory of Monopsonistic Competition, (with Ted To), Economic Journal109, 190-203. (1999).

Noisy Communication and the Evolution of Cooperation, Journal of Economic Theory82, 110-131. (1998).

Informational Constraints and the Overlapping Generations Model: Folk and Anti-Folk Theorems, Review of Economic Studies, 65, 135-149 (1998).

The Competitive Effects of Price-FloorsThe Journal of Industrial Economics45, 329-340. (1997).

Privatization and Employment: A study of the Jute Industry in Bangladesh, (with Mushtaq Khan), American Economic Review85, 267-273 (1995).

The North, the South and the Environment (edited with