The Villages Butterfly Gardens Club meets the 3rd Friday each month 1:30pm at Fish Hawk Village Recreation Center.  Our members range from master gardeners to picture-book beginners. The club maintains demonstration gardens, shares experiences, gathers wonderful speakers.    


June 16 Meeting 
    at Our Gardens
  speaker: Steve Turnipseed

U of Florida, Gainesville
Gainesville UFL Museum of Natural History

Trying to identify YOUR butterfly??  

Try the University's 

Need More Milkweed?? 
  Contact: Fred Funk

Demonstration Gardens: 
   this is OUR garden !!
231 Lake Griffin Road
(behind 7th Day Adventist Church)

(behind St. James Church ) 

     Start HERE

Recommended Plants


Great sites:

Facebook: Annie Grewe

Florida Native Plant Society:  Landscaping for Butterflies

Next Meeting:   

Friday May 19 1:30 pm
Fish Hawk Recreation Center
   Anne Lambrecht 
" Your Florida Garden "

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