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You can watch the video recording below (soon), or watch/download via  

The video quality is much better if you download to a .wmv file. Click here for download instructions.

The times shown in the headings below refer to the start time in the recording. The little white dots in the video player's status bar are "bookmarks" designating the start of each section.

0:00 - George Mauer - wireframe & mockup tools

Mockingbird an online tool that makes it easy for you to create, link together, preview, and share mockups of your website or application.


Drag and drop your sketches into your prototype. Create connections between sketches and make your prototype interactive

15:00 - George Mauer - How not to write JavaScript

28:00 - Alan Stevens - Caliburn Micro

Caliburn Micro CodePlex site

A small, yet powerful implementation of Caliburn designed for WPF, Silverlight and WP7. The framework implements a variety of UI patterns for solving real-world problems. Patterns that are enabled include MVC, MVP, Presentation Model (MVVM), and Application Controller.

Laurent Bugnion: "Understanding the Model-View-ViewModel Pattern" - Mix10 video:

Rob Eisenberg: "Build your own MVVM Framework" - Mix10 video:

blog post:

Herding code podcast - "Presentation Patterns with Jeremy Miller, Ward Bell, Rob Eisenberg and Glenn Block":

51:00 - Jonathan "JB" Birkholz - Some shiny Ruby Gems

Immutable type that represents some amount of time with accuracy in seconds
Add Gravatars to your Rubies/Rails!

Battle of the NoSQL stars:

60:00 - Mark Wilkinson - Houston GiveCamp

January 14-16, 2010:
Brian Schroer says...
There will also be a St. Louis event that weekend: