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Times below refer to the start time in the recording. Click a time to link directly to that point in the video...

 5:00 - LightSwitch MVP Alan Stevens - PDC 2010 rant

"I'm a developer, not a Microsoft developer."
"I don't need to pay money to go to somebody's propaganda conference."

9:30 - Mark Wilkinson - Houston C# User Group

3rd Tuesday of each month

13:00 - Claudio Lassala - Free "State of .NET" Events

November events in Houston, Dallas & Phoenix:

13:45 - Claudio - Taking a Break From Speaking

Alan also spoke at length about why he doesn't enjoy speaking anymore (at big conferences about the Microsoft flavor of the month, anyway).
George Mauer will be speaking about Mecurial & lambdas at the Fairfied/Westchester (Connecticut) Code Camp November 6th:

24:40 - Steve - Memphis .NET User Group

25:50 - Claudio - real-life SOLID principles example

Problem: a violation of the Liskov Substitution Principle
  • Code smell: interface method implemenation throwing NotImplementedException
Solution: Interface Segregation
  • The original interface was too broad - Break it into multiple interfaces

George: Read & Write should almost always be separate interfaces

38:30 - Why doesn't IEnumerable have a .ForEach method?

It's meant to be read-only. OK, but c',mon!

44:15 - Jonathan "JB" Birkholz -
Interface Segregation Principle in practice

JB's blog post:
Another Interface Segregation Principle violation code smell: Interface with "CanDo..." or "Allows..." booleans.
The DevKit is a toolkit that makes it easy to build and use native C/C++ extensions such as RDiscount and RedCloth for Ruby on Windows.

Simply download, double-click, choose an installation directory, run the Ruby install helper script, possibly tweak a config.yml file for your system specifics, and you’re ready to start using native Ruby extensions.

53:00 - JB - Cucumber

Cucumber (Ruby BDD testing tool):

Cucumber-like framework (using the Gherkin test spec language) for .NET

Cuke4Nuke is a project to allow Cucumber to support step definitions written in .NET. It uses a simple wire protocol for Cucumber to issue commands to a .NET server that knows how to read and invoke .NET step definitions.
The goal: to make Cucumber usable for .NET teams who can’t or don’t want to work directly with Ruby.