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 Times below refer to the start time in the recording. Click a time to link directly to that point in the video...

1:00 - George Mauer - Fairfield Code Camp

George will be speaking at the Fairfied/Westchester (Connecticut) Code Camp November 6th:

3:15 - George -

Free online mind-mapping site:

5:30 - George - Rails Rumble

George participated this past weekend.

He walked through some (Ruby / JavaScript / jQuery) code from his team's Seek-a-Scene site.

26:00 - George - jsFiddle -

"JsFiddle is a playground for web developers, a tool which may be used in many ways. One can use it as an online editor for snippets build from HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The code can then be shared with others, embedded on a blog, etc. Using this approach, JavaScript developers can very easily isolate bugs. We aim to support all actively developed frameworks - it helps with testing compatibility."

42:45 - George - Google Chrome Developer Tools